Unlovable and Unnecessary: Thrones Live Series Vol. 6, 20th Anniversary Show

by Thrones

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Just two days ago and I'm still kind of wiped out.

Procrastinated expertly.
Loaded in and thought I might burst a lung on the stairs.
Kaetlin and Mac brought me a sheet cake.
Dennis played dark jams.
Menche tore it up.
Kaetlin made me a special fruity drink with me in mind.
Dennis kicked it up a couple notches to metal.
I talked to a lot of people, some hugging.
I started getting very nervous to play and a bit talked out so I hid in the merch area.
Kaetlin handed me another fruity drink.
Survival Knife also tore it up.
At this point the fruity drinks were getting me a little drunk, which in my case means a lot drunk.
I began to worry that I would forget how to use my hands.
Dennis played Artillery and Sacrifice back to back and I began to pump my fist and gain back some confidence.
I started playing and stopped thinking about everything.
Dave Harvey joined me on stage to sing Green Manilishi so I wouldn't fuck it up entirely.
Greg Meleney joined me on stage for a hug.
Greg Meleney rejoined me on stage for another hug.
The switch on my Super Fuzz broke, luckily in the more useful "on" position.
I played The Trees.
John Haughm considered hugging me.
A third fruity drink appeared on stage.
Kaetlin brought the cake with twenty lit candles on it, I made a wish and blew them out, but like in Sixteen Candles, it had already come true.
Much hugging.
Dennis played Ace Frehley and I danced publicly.
I ate sheet cake and laughed with friends.
Dennis played Hasil Adkins and I shook my fist and howled.
Shot the shit with Survival Knife and Menche.
Joel and Kaetlin helped me load out in the rain.
Shot the shit with everyone until the lights were shut off and we all went home with a hug.
Arrived at home and hugged my cat.

Thanks to Lowenbrau.


released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Thrones Portland, Oregon

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